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Plastic pump 1" with bolts

1" with bolts

Materials used in the various for construction of parts in contact with liquids:

  • Polipropilene
  • *Kynar (PVDF)
  • Nylon

Materials used for diaphragms:

  • Geolast (Buna-N)
  • Santoprene (EPDM)
  • **Teflon
  • Viton


Flow rate adjustable from 0 to 156 l/min. (width H2O)
Max pressure
from 1,2 to 8 bar
Weight 13,7 kg in Kynar - 9,1 kg other
1" Flang. - DN-25
1" Flang. - DN-25
Air inlet
1/4" G.f.
Suction lift ~ 3,5 mt dry
Maximun size of solids Ø 6,2 mm
Max temperatur 66°C Polipropilene / 93°C Kynar
Capacity 0,315 lt

Optional new valve for solid step up to Ø 19 mm. Available in Geolast, Santoprene and Viton. Ideal for milk of lime, inks, paints and liquid abrasives.

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